A mobile app for tagging family treasures.

Your voice and your memories saved for future generations.
Children, parents, and grandparents.

The Imbue app uses machine learning to identify your family treasures. You then add audio or video— to the items, explaining where they came from, who they belonged to and why they are special. Imbue connects the two permanently.

With a PAY FORWARD account, we will save your memories in the cloud for a generation (25 years) so that you can be certain that your special memories will never be lost.

What would you imbue?

Books, old photos, jewelry, clocks, sheet music, recipes, paintings, artworks, mementos, collectibles, souvenirs, heirlooms, silverware, antiques, china, medals, trophies, furniture, lamps, desks, toys, baby toys, dolls, quilts, documents, letters, diplomas, journals

Why Imbue?

You could gather your special family memories and attempt to save them on hard drives, flash drives or in the cloud. You could attempt to share them in any number of ways with the important people in your life.

But the Imbue app has been created to solve this problem.

Allow Imbue to securely preserve your memories for the next 25 years.

Learn more about the imbue app and download it today from the App Store.

Features at a glance

Machine Learning

Imbue interprets and identifies your items

Record Stories

Imbue items with audio or video memories

25 Year Storage

Preserve special memories for a generation

Privacy & Security

Our top priority



Inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality. Saturate, suffuse, drench, steep

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