FAQ Support - Turn items into time capsules | Imbueapp

Why should I pay for an account, if I am already able save and share memories within your app for free?

The reason Imbue was created, was to deliver long-term peace of mind to our users. With a PAY FORWARD account we take your files and securely store them in the cloud for 25 years, so your family and friends will always to have access to them. Your memories live on, even if you stop using the Imbue app or if Imbue Digital Corporation goes out of business. You can share the link or print it and save it in a safe deposit box. The EVERLINK.ORG permanent link is ideal for estate planning or insurance needs.

Can I list a beneficiary for my items, in case something happens to me?

Yes. You can designate a beneficiary inside the app. They will be notified via email of their special access.

Why can’t I just store my own pictures in the cloud or save them on a flash drive in my safe deposit box?

Well, you could gather your pictures and related audio and video files in any number of ways and attempt to save them and share them with family and friends on your own, but the imbue app has been created to solve this problem. One easy location to gather and save precious family memories. One easy platform for sharing– with the option of 25-year storage, to move your files forward a generation.

Are my items made public, or are they only private?

You have complete control over the privacy of your items. You can keep them 100% private within your archive or you can selectively share your contents with family and friends. You can also share your items through Facebook or Instagram.

Is an Android version available?

No, but it will be coming in 2018.

Does the app somehow expose my location?

No, you have control over your location information.

Do you sell Imbue stickers to place on items?

Acid free archival labels for your more expensive items are coming soon.