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Genesis – Here’s the genesis of the [i] imbue idea

Hi visitors–

Starting at the start is always good. Here’s the genesis of the [i] imbue idea.

In January, 2017, I attended the funeral of a terrific old uncle. It so happens that I am the ‘Ancestry’ person in my family and consequently, came home with a box full of old black and white family photos– half of which, had nothing written on them. It was not the first time I had encountered this, in the thousands of old photos I have, but it was sad nonetheless. I had no way of identifying these people, no idea about where the pictures were taken or the date they were shot. I really wanted to know about these people and how they fit into my family tree. I also returned home with a couple of items belonging to my uncle, but once again, had no idea about where the items were from or how significant they were to him. No context. Can you relate to this?

I was also disappointed at the present state of obituaries. They are still newspaper bound, with limited online visibility. That’s certainly a problem in need of a better solution.

At the same time, I had been looking for a new idea, that was cloud & mobile friendly– solving a real world problem.  Thus, the ideas collided and evertag was born. The name and logo for [i] imbue, arriving a short time later.

The idea is basically this: That you can add audio or video files– to real-world items. That you can attach your stories and memories to items and they will be connected in perpetuity. Machine learning and AI driving the platform so that the images created today, can be identified tomorrow. Files preserved and maintained for decades, if not centuries and the never ending adaptation of the [i] imbue product, no matter what happens with technology in the future.

Looking forward to moving the idea forward– so we can begin imbuing items everywhere!


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